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Now more and more young girls have joined the sugar daddy dating site, it's clear being a 'sugar baby' can be pretty damn lucrative. But how does it work? What`s the sugar baby? Let us listen to the introduction of some of the following sugar babies, maybe can help you know more about what sugar daddy dating site is?


Name:Alice. I`m 25 years old form California USA,I became a sugar baby in October last year. At the same time,I`m working for a CVS. Why do I want to be a sugarbaby because my usual life and work are too boring, I have had a few boyfriends before, but we broke up later, maybe because they are immature. My sugar life is fun and adventure, I get to date and meet people from all over and get treated very nice. I have two sugar daddies, we get along well, they usually work very busy, so we will meet once a week or a month, go to advanced places and travel together, they treat me very gentle every time, I really enjoy my sugar relationship. chat with her!
Name:Betty. I’m 20 years old and on my own without support, I from England, I work hard at my job but since I do not have a degree yet I work a low paying job, so I do not make enough to support myself at. I’ve been in need of a car for the past few months, but it`s really hard for me. I need a people to help me, so I became a sugar baby last month, I had a good conversation with a sugar daddy named Kenny from the UK. He is the boss of a company, and he wants to find a long-term sugar relationship to accompany him to dinner and to party. We agreed to meet on the 10th of this month. I am looking forward to meeting him. I think I need to dress myself up. chat with her!

Name:Abbe. I`m 18 yeard old form Australia and I am a full time student looking to alleviate some financial strain. My tuition is very expensive, I don't want my parents to borrow money from the bank. I learned this from my friends. So if there is a way to know an attractive, rich man who is willing to help me achieve my goals, I think I don`t turn that down. I know It’s adventure, but I don’t mind being in a “relationship” without the attachment and older men much than me. Especially if I’m getting all the allowance too! I would love for someone to pay my bills, giving me extra spending money and making me feel comfortable financially without me feeling awkward. chat with her!
Name:Lucy. I`m a 34-year-old single mother. Being a single mother is hard, especially when I have fought so hard to keep a good relationship with other men. In order to let my kids deserve the best, and grow up in an environment that is not lacking in love and money, I want to be a sugar baby. Because being a sugar baby, I can be vulnerable and ask for help without feeling like a mooch. I am a smart, hard working woman and I feel like that’s taken for granted, I am confident that my sugar daddies will be satisfied, both mentally and physically. I am very eager to establish a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with my sugar daddies. chat with her!

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